7 Chakra Stones Balancing Bracelet

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Symmetry and balance of the spiritual reality of one’s self bring certain stability and prosperity in life, they say. Our 7 Chakra Stones Balancing Bracelet is a crafted piece of art that is much more than jewelry, giving the wearer the opportunity to maintain spiritual balance.

This bracelet has a simple function to work on your chakras during the process of keeping the mental balance that contributes greatly towards health and vitality, as well. The crystals’ energy is powerful, providing vibrating waves that improve the balance between each separate chakra throughout the body.

The crystals constructing this piece include natural Amethyst (Crown Chakra), Amber (Sacral Chakra), Tiger Eye (Solar Plexus), Imperial Stone (Heart Chakra), Turquoise (Throat Chakra), Lapis Lazuli (Third-eye Chakra), & Red Carnelian (Root Chakra).

The functions of the 7 Chakra Stones Balancing Bracelet are extremely useful in all processes of spiritual balancing of the chakras, yoga, Reiki and meditation. Also, it is a fashionable accessory with its beautiful design that represents pure symmetry and simple elegance.

Item Attributes:
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Natural Chakra Stones
  • Metal Type: Metal Alloy (Lead & Nickel-Free)
  • Color: As pictured
  • Length: 18cm | 7 inches
  • Cord Type: One Size Fits All
  • Bead Size: 8mm

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NOTE: Color shades can differ on all natural stones, making them one of a kind. Please allow for slight variations. Remember that most natural gemstones reveal true beauty under direct sunlight.

7 reviews for 7 Chakra Stones Balancing Bracelet

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